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Quest For Keno Split Tickets

Keno is one of the most popular casino games which is available in all modern casinos. The game can be played in a number of ways depending on the tickets. These various types of tickets include straight tickets, way tickets, split tickets, combination tickets, king tickets and special tickets.

A Keno split ticket is basically a combination of two or more straight tickets. It allows a keno player to play a number of games on the same ticket. Every split ticket consists of a group of numbers which are either separated by a line or encircled. Each group of numbers has its unique numbers which are not shared with other groups.

Keno split tickets do not have any advantages over Keno straight tickets. It will only allow you to play more than one game on the same ticket. A downside of using a split ticket is that players are not allowed to use the same number for second time. But you can play 30 numbers if you have split tickets of two groups of 15. Normally, you could play 20 numbers by using separate tickets.

An online Keno player can split his tickets for as many as online Keno games he wishes to play but there have to be enough numbers left which were not played before. The more you split, the more it will reduce the potential payout. A group of numbers in a keno split ticket must be played together and you are not allowed to mix or match between the split parts.

On the whole, keno split ticket is basically two or more straight tickets on the same piece of paper. So there is no big advantage of using the tickets. It only allows playing two or more games by using the same ticket.

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