The Simple Keno Straight Tickets

If you do not familiar with Keno games, first you should know it is one of the most popular online casino games. Almost all modern casinos offer this game and it can be played by a number of ways which depends on the Keno tickets. There are several types of keno tickets including straight tickets, split tickets, combo tickets, king tickets, way tickets and special tickets.

Keno straight ticket is the basic ticket to play the online games. It is the most common and simplest ticket among the different type of keno tickets. A player just has to select the numbers he wants to play and that's all. Generally a player can use 15 numbers in maximum though some casinos offer to use more numbers. But it will reduce your potential payout.

To play keno games by using the straight ticket, you have to select the numbers you wish to play. You have to decide how many numbers you are going to play and how much to wager. For example, you can bet 5 dollar on a 1 dollar ticket and your winnings will be multiplied by five. But you should know that most casino have limits on payouts which will cap your winnings if it exceeds the allowing limit.

Generally, keno players play between 4 to 8 numbers; on a straight ticket because the best odds lie in these numbers. Most casinos allow the players to play as many as 15 numbers. Some offer to play 20, 32 or 40 numbers on a ticket. Below four numbers, the payout does not worth the average 30% the casino take. Mathematically if you play 8 numbers, the odds are 230, 115 to 1. At 9 numbers, it jumps to 1.38 million to 1. At 15 numbers the odds are unrealistic 428 billion to 1!